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Visit Our Residence for Seniors in Montreal

At Les Jardins de l'Aubade, we offer quality care services for the care of seniors in Montreal. You will discover a warm and welcoming community that offers the appropriate level of personalized care and support to face each day with confidence.

Send your parents or grandparents to a safe residence with comfortable rooms. They'll be cared for by our friendly, warm staff. In addition, a variety of activities are organized each day to make your loved ones' day more enjoyable.

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Contact Information

Les Jardins de l’Aubade


6553, place Beaubien,

Montréal, Québec H1M 3X4




Languages Spoken

  • French

  • English

  • Italian

Service Area

Greater Montreal

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Your Questions


Are There Washers/Dryers in All Apartments?

There are two common laundry rooms on each floor, equipped with washers and dryers at your service.


What’s Included in an Apartment Rental?

With the many inclusions, you will have everything you need for comfort. Your apartment includes: a full kitchen with refrigerator and stove, electricity, hot water, personal air conditioning unit, heating, cable, Wi-Fi, emergency call system, fire detection system, 24-hour on-site staff, continuous camera surveillance.


Do Your Apartments Have Balconies?

All apartments have their own balcony.


Are There Staff on Site 24 Hours a Day?

Our staff is on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, the residence is equipped with numerous surveillance cameras.


Are Your Apartments Secure in Case of Fire?

All apartments are equipped with sprinkler systems and smoke detectors to ensure the highest level of safety for residents. There is also a fire safety plan in place and an annual fire drill.


Are There Emergency Buttons in All Apartments?

To ensure that you can reach the Residence's care team 24 hours a day, all apartments are equipped with an emergency pull cord. When you press the device, the nursing staff will come to your apartment to check if everything is in order or if you need help. You will be in good hands at all times.


Is It the Same Price If There Are Two of Us in the Apartment?

The rent of the rented apartments does not vary according to the number of occupants.


Am I Eligible for the Home Support Tax Credit Program?

All seniors aged 70 and over are eligible for this tax credit based on their income, whether they live in a residence or not. This program is particularly advantageous when we rent an apartment in a residence, notably because of the presence of nursing staff 24 hours a day and the various services available. Therefore, all the services that will be included in your lease and that are part of your monthly rent, are eligible for this tax credit.


Are There Annual Increases?

Yes, the rents are indexed by approximately 2% - 3% annually. These increases are essential to allow us to maintain, year after year, the level of quality that you chose when you came to live with us, both in terms of facilities and services offered.


Is Your Residence for Independent Living?

Ours is primarily an independent living residence where we offer seniors the opportunity to thrive in a comfortable and safe environment.


Can I Bring My Pet to the Residence?

We know that our little furry friends are often part of the family and it would be unthinkable to separate us. That's why, when you come to the Residence, you can bring your cat, bird or small dog of 12 pounds or less.


Can I Smoke in My Apartment?

In accordance with the law, smoking is strictly prohibited in all indoor and outdoor common areas of the Residence. These rules also apply to your visitors, and must be respected by users of pipes, cigars, electronic cigarettes or any other such devices. Smoking tobacco in your apartment is permitted. However, the general management of the Residence reserves the right to require additional measures, such as the installation of air purifiers at your expense or the prohibition of smoking on your balcony or terrace, if the comfort and well-being of the community is compromised by smoking.


Am I Allowed to Smoke Cannabis in the Residence Hall?

As of June 1, 2018, the cultivation, sale, and consumption of cannabis in the form of a "cigarette", is not permitted in Residence Hall, both in common areas (indoor and outdoor areas, such as gardens or balconies), as well as in the apartments. For those persons who have a prescription for medical purposes, the use of cannabis in its other forms (tincture, ingestible oil, topical cream, food.), will be accepted as long as it does not contravene the common comfort and well-being. This regulation applies not only to the tenants and employees of the Residence, but also to visitors.


Am I Allowed to Have a BBQ on the Balcony?

For safety reasons, the use of a bbq (electric or other) is not permitted on your balcony.


Do I Have to Participate in All the Activities?

You are under no obligation to participate in any of the activities programmed in the Residence, everyone is free to participate or not.


Is There Indoor Parking?

The Residence has indoor parking spaces that can be rented by the month. Family and friends will have no problem visiting you as outdoor parking is available for your visitors.


Will I Be Able to See a Doctor at the Residence?

Les Jardins de l’Aubade has a dedicated doctor who visits the Residence on a weekly basis. To see the doctor, you will need to make a request to the care manager, a registered nurse, who will review each request and assign priorities.


Are the Meals Included? Do We Have to Take Meals?

You have the freedom to cook your meals at home. If you choose meals, you can purchase them individually or without a monthly plan (1 or 2 or 3 meals per day). Monthly meal plans are integrated into your lease.


Is There an Activity Program in Your Residence?

Every month, the recreation manager prepares a diversified program of activities, in which you can choose to participate.


Are Your Apartments Well Soundproofed?

Our residence is a quality construction with concrete structure and floors. Walls and ceiling are covered with soundproofing wool.

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