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Des personnes âgées jouant à la pétanque

Activities and Recreation for Seniors in Montreal

An active life is a good life! Les Jardins de L'Aubade in Montreal offers a wide range of activities and recreation for seniors, both on and off the premises. Our various programs are designed to entertain and stimulate you while allowing you to socialize in a friendly environment. To take advantage of all this, call us!

Our activities and recreation include:

Des femmes âgées joyeuses faisant de l'exercice avec leurs bras

Learning activities

Cybercafé, library, various courses, cultural outings

Groupe de couples âgés jouant aux cartes à la maison

Physical activities

Fitness, yoga, walking club

Groupe de personnes âgées heureuses et positives

Leisure activities

Petanque, bingo, virtual bowling, movies, bridge

A Completely Different Lifestyle

At Les Jardins de l'Aubade, you will find an environment perfectly adapted to your lifestyle. We want to offer you more than just a retirement home. We offer a safe, secure and friendly environment with dedicated caregivers who strive to better serve you and your family and listen to your needs.

To better serve you and your family members, we are always listening to your needs. We strive to build trust with our residents by focusing on humane solutions and ensuring that each day is filled with magic.

Group of seniors singing together in a choir
Group of elderly friends holding hands

An Important Choice

The decision to move into a retirement home is an important one and is based on unique needs that may vary from one senior to another. Some need a sense of security or help with daily household tasks, while others seek to socialize and break their isolation. These needs are means to a common end: improving and maintaining quality of life.

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